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Garden Vegetables - Hints and Tips on Root Crops and Pumpkins

Root Crop Storage

Storage pits for root crops14 may be made in many ways. When placed on level ground always raise  the level of the pit a few inches above the surrounding  ground by throwing the earth dug from a trench  around the area to be occupied by the roots to be  stored. This will assure good drainage. On this raised  earth place a 6" or 8" layer of straw or dry fallen  leaves. 

Next, make a conical pile of roots-potatoes,  turnips, beets, carrots, etc.-and cover it with a 4" to  6" layer of straw and then a 2" layer of soil. But at  the apex leave an opening partly filled with straw for  ventilation until cold weather sets in when a second  earth layer will be necessary to add. In a cold climate  this layer may have to be 5" or 6" thick; in a mild  one, less. 

Keep the ventilator covered with an A-shaped  board trough or something similar to prevent the en-  trance of rain but not to check the egress of warm,  moist air from inside. Finally, cover the earth with  manure or litter 6" or 8" thick, and completely plug  the ventilator. Avoid making the pile larger than can  be used at one time because it is almost impossible to  close a pit satisfactorily .after the ground has once  been frozen. 

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