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When grown in the commercial greenhouse, thrips can be a problem as no pesticides are cleared for use on fresh herbs. Snails, however, tend to ignore chives.

Seeds germinate better if they are chilled - placing the potted seeds in the fridge for a week or two will assist germination.

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Garlic Chives

(Allium tuberosum)

A hardy perennial plant, garlic chives (Chinese Chives, Nira) are commonly used as a herb in stir-fry cooking . The flat, dark green, grass-like leaves have a flavour somewhere between garlic and onion. There are 3 to 8 narrow leaves on the plants, which are harvested at 4 to 8 weeks depending on season.. Plant groups reach 12 to 18 inches, and are 8 to12 inches wide and have white flower heads about 1 inch in diameter. They do very well in pots.

Garlic Chives