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Drying Gourds
Gourds should be cured or dried for at least two to four (2 to 4) weeks before using. Many gourds used for utility purposes such as dippers, bird houses or other containers should be pierced with a wire at the neck and hung until thoroughly dry. A dried gourd will be lightweight and sound hollow when thumped.

Wash gourds before drying to be sure they are free of soil and other garden debris. Gourds are often dipped in a weak bleach solution of one (1) part chlorine bleach to ten (10) parts water to sterilize the surface and prevent rotting.

Hang gourds for drying in a warm location with little moisture. After drying, the gourd's exterior can be polished with wax or shellac.

A few gourds will develop interesting fungal patterns on their surface as they dry. The fungal growth doesn't appear to alter the quality of the dried gourd and may actually improve its appearance.

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