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Beans in the Garden

Trellises are better than poles for pole beans because the beans are easier to gather. To make a  serviceable one place 8' or 9' posts at intervals of  20' and 15" to 18" in the ground, either before digging or after plowing. Stretch and staple a No. 10  wire between them near their tops. Next set light  poles such as bamboo rods in the ground slanting in  two directions so as to cross one another near the  ground and at the wire. Finally lash them to the wire.  Small gage, flexible wire is more convenient than  string for this fastening because it need only be bent  in shape. By having it cut in proper lengths the fastening may be quickly done. After the trellis is finished,  the weather and the soil being favorable, sow seed  thinly and as close to the poles as possible so the  plants may be cultivated mainly with the wheelhoe.  Plants of beans 12" or 15" apart and of limas 24"  to 30" apart will yield better than those closer  together. 

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