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Rabbit Traps

Rabbits are easily trapped.
An improvement on the old-fashioned, figure-4 box trap is a box 21"  long, about 6" high and 4" wide (inside dimensions) made of 6", preferably old, fence boards. The box, closed at the rear, has a wire front door which swings inward from the top. A cleat at the bottom prevents  its opening outward. When the trap is set the wire door is kept open by a wire trigger rod held in place by two screw-eyes'in the top of. the box. The trigger rod is bent downward into a loop or figure 8 near the rear of the trap. 

As the rabbit enters the trap and crowds into the back part he presses against the loop, moves the trigger rod backward thus releasing the door which falls and imprisons him. Bait may be used but it is unnecessary since cottontails often take refuge in dark places from enemies and inclement weather. 

The materials needed to make this trap are: 4 boards 1"X 6" X 22" for top, bottom and sides; 1board 1" X 6" X 8" for back; a small cleat for the door-stop; 28%'' No. 9 hard galvanized wire for the door; 22'' of the same gage wire for the trigger; nails. Condensed from Farmers' Bulletin 702, U. S. Dept. of Agriculture. 

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