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Crab Grass Control

Crab grass, one of the worst weeds that infest lawns, is an annual that, when allowed to grow naturally, will become a foot high or higher but if run over with a lawn mower will grow horizontally. As it sends up its erect shoots at the time when lawn grasses are least  active it may be allowed to develop these stems from midJuly to mid-August or a little later. By cutting it when 6" or 8" high and before it develops its seed and collecting the cuttings it may be destroyed for the balance of the season and its seeding of the ground prevented for another year. The lawn should be cut four times, the cuttings being gathered each time, the creeping stems also raked upward and each mowing done at right angles to the previous one. By feeding the grass during the fall with a 1" dressing of rich compost and seeding with good seed the desirable grass will make it difficult for crab grass to get a start.

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