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Below is a list of apples and the time of ripening based on when Red Delicious ripen. For example, Gala with a listing of "-3" means that it will ripen three weeks earlier than Red Delicious. Granny Smith with a "+6" means it ripens 6 weeks later.

There is no sure fire method of determining a ripe apple other than taste. Ripe apples will twist easily from a branch, and the ground color (the undercolor or color next to the stem and blossom end) will change from green to yellow or red. When apples start falling from a tree, they're also probably ripe.

APPLE CULTIVAR HARVEST Earliest -10 Lodi -10 Yellow Transparent -10 Early McIntosh -7 Jerseymac -6 Raritan -6 Red Free -6 Tydeman's Red -6 Paulared -5 Gravenstein -4 Prima -4 Wealthy -4 Gala -3 Jonamac -3 Ozark Gold -3 Priscilla -3 Jonathan -2 McIntosh -2 Grimes Golden -1 Jonalicious -1 Pippens 0 Honeygold 0 Jumbo 0 Liberty 0 Red Delicious 0 Chieftan +1 Golden Delicious +1 Greenings +1 Blushing Golden +2 Russet +2 Melrose +2 Spigold +2 Mutsu +3 Northern Spy +3 Stayman +3 Rome Beauty +4 Winesap +4 Newton +4 York Imperial +4 Granny Smith +6


Unwanted fruit can be removed by:

1. Handpicking;

2. Vigorously shake the tree when fruit are small;

3. A mixture of three (3) tablespoons of Sevin (carbaryl) insecticide per gallon of water and applied within twenty to twenty-five (20 to 25) days of petal fall. Avoid spraying when petals are still present as Sevin is toxic to bees.

See also: Fruit Storage

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