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Dig tubers before frost. Roots may rot and decompose if soil temperature goes below freezing. Cut tops back to within a couple inches of the tubers. Dry in a warm location for 2 to 3 weeks. Check tubers carefully and discard any diseased or damaged ones.

Store tubers in cardboard boxes between layers of vermiculite, peat moss, sawdust or wood shavings. Place a two to three (2 to 3) inch layer of material in the box and then a layer of the tuberous begonias. Cover lightly with material and continue to layer. Store in a 45 to 55 degree location.

Check tubers throughout the winter. If shriveling occurs, moisten packing material lightly with water. If roots appear to be rooting or rotting, move to a drier location temporarily; watch humidity levels and improve air circulation. Please read the Copyright Information.

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