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Catmint blooms beautifully in late May and early June, and again in August. Shear top growth as the first flush of flowers fade. Fresh new growth soon will appear. Within several weeks a new show of lavender-blue flowers will last into the weeks of late summer.

Catmint grows well in full sun and average garden soil. It requires moderate to low water. These sturdy perennials are hardy to USDA zone 4, and will thrive in mountain gardens.

Catmint is a "must-have" plant for low water areas. After it blooms, the low mounds of foliage offer a soft, gray-green color and fragrance. It is a good companion for daylilies, black-eyed Susans or purple coneflowers.

With a minimum of maintenance, this perennial will pay handsome rewards to the gardener.

Adapted from: Colorado State University Cooperative Extension  Sources, Credits and Copyright

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