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Selecting Plants for Your Garden
There are some important considerations to make when deciding which shrubs and perennials to plant in your garden:
  • Determine the amount of sun the garden will receive. There are plants for every light situation except total darkness.

  • Choose plants that have the same water requirements and match them to your soil conditions.

  • Pick out the plants whose full mature size will be appropriate to the place where they are planted.

  • Choose plants with foliage that is attractive for a long season.

  • Choose plants that display your favorite color scheme and choose a variety of plants that bloom each month from late February to November.
  • By visiting public gardens, garden centers, nurseries and by studying seed and plant catalogs regularly, you will become acquainted with the plants that bloom and provide the color you like. To aid you in making decisions, make a chart by month, choosing one or two "star" plants and several "supporting players" for each month. This same technique can be used to identify plants with fall color and winter form that you would like to integrate into your landscape.

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