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Selecting a Garden Designer

Professional landscape designers can help with a wide range of landscape challenges like pools, irrigation, decks, and outdoor lighting.

Landscape architects are trained to offer comprehensive design. Landscape designers generally have less design training and specialize in specific areas and concepts.

A professional's services can be very comprehensive and include detailed construction specifications, construction management, plant selection and cost estimates. Selection of a landscape designer should be based upon his or her qualifications and ability to complete the project on time.

Most designers offer on-site consultation and less comprehensive services, like master planning and conceptual design which emphasize completing the project instead of designing it. Design-build firms offer design and design construction, but may not offer both services separately.

A good personal reference is important when selecting a designer. Other reference sources are the Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado, the Colorado Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects, trade shows, exhibits, garden centers and nurseries.

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