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Spinach Beet & Chinese Caşbage

No.80 Early Jersey Wakefield Improved Cabbage
14 lb. $2.00. oz. 70c, pkt. tOc.. prepaid

76 Copenhagen Market.-An earlv cabbage our customers should not overlook. The earliest large round- hearled sort. Considering its earliness, the heads arc remarkably large, averaging ten pounds in weight. One of its chief features is its compact form; it is so solid that many more plants can be grown on an acre than is possible with most sorts. In quality it is exceptionally good; earliness, ripening at one time, compact growth, large heads and high quality are features which have made it a standard in a...

75 All Head Early. The All Year Round Large Flat Head Cab-
bage.-It has proven itself to be adaptabJe to a wide range of both son .and
dimate. and is welt worthy of recognition a9 a standard American sort. It is
a money maker for gardeners. and a very desirable ROTt in every garden.
It is the earliest of large cabbages. being at least a .week in advance of any
of the large flat headed strains now being offered. All Head Early in sizp
of heads is one-third larger than Early Summer or Early Flat Dutch.
The deep flat heads are remarkably uniform in shape. size and color.
Good Quality and tenderness are marked features. The compact habit
of growth of... Head Early cabhage renders close planting feasible
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