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Early Cabbage

No. 84 Rennie'B XXX Early Summer Cabbage
. lb. $3.00. oz. $1.00, pkt. 10c. prepaid. (See page 10)

53 Early Ec1ipse Turnip.- This variety is extremely early; in fact, one of the first to be ready for the table
Perfectly smooth and round.. and flesh intense red
I.b. $1 .50. '/4 Ib 45c. oz. 15c. pkt. 10c. prepaid.

Extra Early Flat Egyptian
56 Extra Early Flat Egyptian.-The Egyptian Beet iE une of the most popular varieties among market gardenerE for forcing purposes. One of the earliest in cultivation. which is suitdble for forcing or growing in the open garden It certainly will bear close planting in the valuable space under glass or in a warm garden in early spring. It is flat shaped, and when young is crisp and tender. In color it iE dark red. To gardeners having a preference for Egy-.tian. we offer the best strain. Lb. $1.75. V4 lb. 60c.
uz. 20c. pkt. 1 Oc. prepaid.

S9 Improved Blood Turnip. - Popular among gardeners.
lb. 51.50. 'I. lb. 45c. oz. 15c. pkt. 1 Oc. prepaid.

61 Long Dark Smooth Blood Red.- This is the best long red beet on the market.. of unexcelled Quality for table. It has yielded twelve tons to the acre. In color it is rich carmine, and in Quality it is sweet and tender. In rich ground it may be sown with advantage in July or August. as a second crop. It will not be injured by the October frosts and will produce...
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