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Red Beets

Table Beets of Excellent Flavor

Rennie's XXX Globe Beet
Sweet. Exceedingly Tender. This valuable new type... fixed after several years of scientific selecting and careful breeding, is by far the most perfect table beet yet offered. It produces uniform and perfectly globe-shaped roots, with small compact dark crimson colored leaves, smooth

No. 64 Rennie'B XXX Globe Beet
Lb. $2.25, '/.Ib. 75c, oz. 25c, pkt. IOc, prepaid

blood red skin and slim tap root. The dark, blood-colored flesh is exceedingly tender and very sweet. It is very at- tractive in appearance when cooked, and i.. temptingly tasty

Detroit Dark Red
52 Detroit Dark Red Turnip.- This early globe- shaped beet of excellent quality is especially esteemed on account of its dark red color, which extends entirely through the beet, and without the light-colored rings seen in some varieties. The medium sized beets are smooth and handsome and are now being largely used for canning as well as for the home garden or market. It retains its good quality even after it gets large, and is an excellent variety on this account for fall use as well as for spring. We have a very fine strain of this beet, being of uniform globe shape, small tops and ver) dark red. Lb. $2.00. V4 lb. 60c. oz. 20c. pkt. 1 Oc,

The Best Half-Long Variety
60 Extra Early Intermediate f.Bonaecoura Market).-Tender. sweet and free from woody fibre; for slicing it is unequalled. Flesh of rich dark-red color...
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