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Bush Beans 1920 Seed Catalog

Rennie's Round Pod Kidney Wax Beans Round Pod Kidney Wax resembles the popular Wardwell's Kidney Wax, differing from that variety in that the pod is perfectly round and longer. It is a very prolific grower and a first-class yielder. The flesh between the beans is solid meat without any open spaces, brittle, always stringless, of a rich golden yellow and finest flavor. We can highly recommend this variety. Sibs. $3.25. lb. 70e. 1/4 lb. 25e. pkt. 1 Ce. prepaid.

A Prolific Golden Wax

Dwarf White Wax (đavis).- This is an early variety, which has given excellent results in Manitoba, maturing in from six to seven weeks from planting. The plant is very hardy and productive, bearing a good crop of long straight, waxy, white pods, six to seven inches in length, which are very attractive in appearance, and of good quality. The dried beans of this variety are pure white and are excellent for baking in winter.

Dwarf Black Wax (Rust Proof)an improved strain of all the old Black Wax: a stronger grower. with longer. straighter and rounder pods. is twice as prolific and one of the earliest wax sorts. It also remains in good picking condition for a long season. Itc;: handsome. yellow. fleshy. stringless pods are borne well up from the ground, which commend it for both h me and .market purposes Sibs. 53.00. lb. 65c. 'I. lb. 20c. pkt. 1 Oc. prepaid._

18. Mammoth Red Wax (Giant Flageolet Wax).-Excellent. Pods produced In great abundance; long, very large, finest flavor. Sibs. $3.00. lb. 65e. 1/4 lb. 20e. pkt. 1 Oe. prepaid.

Wardwell's Kidney Wax
Popular variety of Wax Bean, bearing long, flat pods, of a delicate waxy-yellow, stringless and brittlt producing a heavy crop. Early, hardy, and splendid sort for market gardens. SIbs. $3.25. lb. 70e. 1/4 lb. 25e. pkt. 1 Oe. prepaid.

22 Hodgon's Long Pod ..-A wonderfuIly prolific rust-proof Wax Bean. The handsome pods are plump, straight and long, of a clean, brigbt yellow color, all of wbich combined makes it the most attractive Wax Bean on tbe market. Tbe beans are brittle, tender and of excellent flavor, and if picked before too old are stringless. with little fibre. SIbs. 53 .25. lb. 70c. 'I. lb. 25c. pkt. 1 Oc. prepaid.

English or Broad Beans

39 Mammoth Broad Windaor.-A very large and productive variety, fine flavored and of busby babit. It is well podded from top to bottom of stem, and is recommended for general use. SIbs. 53.00. lb. 65c. 'I. lb. 20c. pkt. 1 Oc. prepaid.

White Field Beans
35 Large White Marrowfat.-The pods are broad, about 5 inches long. Seeds ivory white. SIbs. 51 .65. lb. 40c. pkt. 1 Oc. prepaid. 36 White Field.-A sure cropper and more prolific than the common ..hite bean. Sibs. 51 AO. lb. 35c. pkt. 1 Oc. prepaid.

Rennie's Stringless Green Pod
Green Pod is positively stringless. ripens earlier than Valentine. and remains tender and crisp a long time after maturity. The pods are pale green, long. perfectly round and meaty. SIbs. 53.00. lb. 65c, 'I. lb. 20c. pkt. 1 Oc. prepaid.

28 Extra Early Valentine (Best Improved Round Pod Stram).- Ready to pick in 35 days after planting. Pods round, thick and fleshy, of finest quality, and unequalled in unil.lrmity of ripening. Profitable for gardeners.

Bush Lima Beans
37 Earliest Bush Lima.-A dwarf form of the Small White Lima,

20 Rennie's XXX Bush Butter. -Highly bred and critic- ally selected bush butter bean, which shows a remarkable com- hination of good qualities. The fine healthy plants are \\onder- fully bushy and robust, remarkably free from mildew and rust and extremely prolific. The pods are unusuallv larg-e for a round-podded wax variety, and arc remarkdbly uniform in size and shape, keeping to an average of five to six inches in length. They are very solid, meaty and tender, free from string-, snapping- brittle, and unsurpassed in flavor.

42 Kentucky Wonder Wax Bean is considered the best pole wax for northen planting. The pods... are beautiful golden yellow... and so fleshy that they often are greater in thickness than in width.

43 Kentucky Wonder Green Pod.-The pods are solid meat


Scarlet Runner Beans

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