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Combining Colors in the Garden
One of the most popular and easy flower color combinations is blue, yellow and white. Another popular combination is the traditional red, white and blue. Other trend-setting combinations are burgundy, gray and light pink, or orange, white, gold and red. Try combining different blues, purples and white, or dark reds, pinks and white. Pinks, blues and white is a traditional pastel combination. Add a little pale yellow to brighten a grouping for our climate.

A garden can change colors too! Many early-season perennials have pink, blue and white flowers. Later-season perennials tend towards the stronger yellows and golds, oranges and reds. You can have both color schemes if you are careful in blending the in-between season!

A wonderful book on flower colors is Malcolm Hillier's Color Garden. Other sources of flower color information include seed and plant catalogs, other books, your local garden center or nursery for assistance identifying plants for various color groups.

Are you wild and zany or calm and mellow? Let the colors of your garden express your personality.

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