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Trellisses for vines and other climbers


Pillar trellises produce pleasing and novel effects when covered with vines such as morning glory, moonflower, scarlet runner or hyacinth bean. They are  also better than poles for pole beans. To make them  cut 2" X 2" timber any desired length proportional  to the kind of vines to be grown but allowing for 1'  to be pointed for driving in the ground. Also cut  Y4'' X 1" stuff in 12" or 15" lengths to serve as  cross-pieces. Fasten two of these at the top and two  others so as to be only a few inches from the ground. 

Screws or bolts and washers are better than nails for this purpose because at the close of the season  the cross-pieces may be removed when the trellis  is to be stored (under cover) for the winter. From  the lower to the upper cross-pieces tie stout, non- stretching cords for the vines to climb on. Sow seeds  or transplant plants in circles around the bases of  the poles and keep cleanly cultivated. 

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