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It is difficult to create a list of poisonous plants. While some plants are outright toxic to anyone who eats or comes in contact with the plant (Jimson Weed, nightshade), others may cause a reaction in some but not in others.

The following is a listing of plants normally thought to be poisonous. THE LIST IS NOT COMPLETE. People should not eat plants not grown as food crops -- vegetables, fruits, cereal grains. Children should be taught never to eat non-food crop plants.

Poisonous plants vary between animals. Don't assume that since a bird, squirrel or pig ate a plant with no problems, humans can do the same.

If problems are encountered, or for a more complete list of poisonous plants, contact a doctor or the emergency room of your local hospital. Never hesitate contacting a physician if there is the smallest doubt.

Unless otherwise stated, consider all parts of the plant poisonous.

Agave (leaves)      Elephant Ear        Nightshade
Amaryllis (bulbs)   Flowering Tobacco   Oleander
Apple (seeds)       Foxglove            Sweet Pea (seeds)
Azalea              Holly (berries)     Philodendron
Bird of Paradise (seeds)Horsechestnut (nuts)Poison Hemlock
Bloodroot           Hyacinth            Poison Ivy
Buttercup (leaves)  Iris                Potato (green)
Black Locust (seeds)Ivy, Boston (berries)Privet (berries)
Boxwood (leaves/twigs)Ivy, English (berries)Ranunculuc
Buckeye (seeds)     Jack-in-the-Pulpit  Rhododendron
Buckthorn (berries) Jerusalem Cherry    Rhubarb (leaf blade)
Caladium            Jimson Weed         Rosary Pea (seed)
Calla (rhizome)     Jonquil             Snow-on-the-Mountain
Castor Bean (seed)  Lantana             Sweet Potato
Christmas Rose      Larkspur            Skunk Cabbage
Cone Flower         Lily-of-the-Valley  Tansy
Crown of thorns     Lupine              Tomato (leaves)
Daffodil            Mayapple            Tulip
Daphne              Mistletoe (berries) Virginia Creeper (berries)
Delphinium          Morning Glory seeds Water Hemlock
Dumbcane (Dieffenbachia)Mustard (root)  Wisteria (seeds/pods)
Eggplant (plant)    Narcissus           Yew (berries)
Elderberry (unripe berries)Nicotiana
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