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Grafting Wax

Grafting wax is easy but messy to make. If only a little is needed better buy it at a garden supply store;  if a great deal, make it thus: In an old pot with a  rounded bottom melt 3 pounds of resin over a gentle  fire. Add 3 pounds of beeswax and 2 of hard beef tallow. Melt but avoid boiling. Stir well until thoroughly  mixed. Pour into a tub of cold water and flatten out to  cool evenly. When cool enough to handle, knead and  pull with well greased hands till like molasses taffy.  Then form into balls or sticks for convenience of  handling. If desired for storing, wrap in grease-soaked  or paraffined paper. To apply, warm it in the hands or  in warm water over a lantern or in a glue pot. 

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Building a Grafting Wax Heater

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