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Rennies 1920 Seed Catalog

Rennie's Seed Annual & Garden Guide
for 1920

S EED of the very highest quality only is listed in this catalogue. Every gardener
knows that it pays to buy the best seed procurable-and such, pre-eminently, is
Rennie's-the seed that can be depended upon for its absolute good quality-high
gennination and unquestioned purity.

To our Customers

Our 1920 Seed Annual contains a selection of Vegetable and Flower Seeds that will be found to be strictly as represented. For half a century the House of Rennie has offered to its customers the best seed that it has been possible to grow, and it is gratifying to us to see our circle of customers steadily grow larger as each successive year goes by-a sure indication that our efforts are appreciated, and that our customers have every confi- dence in the quality of Rennie's Seeds.

We maintain extensive trial grouuds where all seeds are thoroughly tested for germination and virility.

The operation of these trial grounds involves a large yearly e.xpenditure, but the results have more than justified the outlay. As a consequence we are able to offer our cus tomers real seed insurance, and furthermore we are absolutely certain ourselves, as to the quality and virility of every seed that is sold by the House of Rennie. As the success of your garden to a great extent depends upon the character of the seeds you sow, you cannot be too careful in your selection, hence we say to you in aU sincerity and for your own protection, SOW RENNIE'S SEEDS and enjoy a bumper crop - whether it be of Vegetables, or of that finest of nature's gifts to man - Flowers.
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