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Colors can be added to a burning fireplace with the addition of specially treated pine cones, blocks of wood or kindling, wood chips, or even one-inch thick rolls of tightly wrapped newspaper. Materials are soaked in the solution and then dried.

The following chemicals will give off the color listed. Most can be purchased from chemical supply companies, drugstores and pharmacies

Color Chemical Blue Copper chloride Carmine Lithium chloride Green Copper sulfate Orange Calcium chloride Purple Potassium chloride Sparkles Iron filings DO NOT USE CHLORATES, NITRATES OR POTASSIUM PERMANGANATES.

Keep chemicals away from pets and children. One pound of chemical is mixed with one gallon of water. Wear rubber gloves when mixing chemicals. Mix chemicals outdoors. Use a five gallon plastic bucket or crock. Mix colors separately. Do not use a metal container as chemicals will corrode them.

Place materials in a mesh or porous bag and immerse in chemicals. Place a stone or brick on top to keep materials submerged. Soak for one or two days. Lift and drain. Allow to dry on newspapers, which can then be rolled and burned for color.

Burning of treated materials should be confined to a well-ventilated fireplace.
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